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Question about selling

Place your property on our website. All we need is:

1 register on the website
2 fill out an ad on the website
3 upload photos to the website

Or contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our agents who will meet with you to gather all the necessary information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your agent will then prioritise the right mix of traditional and online advertising utilising RE/MAX’s local, national and global websites taking advantage of a brand name that is international in scope to attract qualified buyers from around the corner and around the world. Through our practise of cooperative selling your home will be exposed to the network of RE/MAX agents as well as real estate professionals throughout the industry. The concept of cooperative selling markets your home to far more potential buyers in your area, increasing the number of qualified offers on your home and significantly shorter days on market.

Hiring the wrong agent is another common mistake; inexperienced agents increase the chance of poor results. Your RE/MAX agent has the experience of working in different market dynamics and can recommend the proper listing price for the current market. They can negotiate objectively on your behalf and help you navigate smoothly through a variety of logistical and legal obstacles. You can count on your agent’s professionalism and experience to make the entire transaction more productive and profitable.

RE/MAX is number one in real estate brokerage worldwide and that it sells a property every four minutes with over 120,000 agents worldwide? This little detail shows us that investing in a reputable and experienced broker is definitely worthwhile.

RE/MAX has a lot of agents, meaning we have a bigger buying pool which leads to more offers on your property.

Our agents live in the communities they serve, making them true local experts who can provide a realistic valuation of your property.

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