Buy apartment or a property ready to move in

Is it better to buy a flat house or apartment or a ready-to-live-in property? Currently there is more than one negotiation when purchasing a house or apartment, the growth of the real estate market has generated the opportunity for people to choose according to their possibilities and needs, without restrictions or restraint.

Learn about the possibilities of buying a flat property or a house ready to be delivered. You might also be interested in another of our articles on how to know which house to buy.

Buy a house or apartment with plans

Real estate projects are becoming more and more innovative and functional, giving you the opportunity to choose the best options that suit your tastes, needs and budget. The option of buying a home under construction is very tempting due to its lower cost and the down payment facilities it offers.

Signing a sales contract before construction begins allows you to visualize and imagine what the property would look like by looking at the plans, site location, and other features of the real estate project.

If you are not in a hurry to move and you can wait a few months for the work to be finished, this is a very good option as it has many advantages:

  • Acquire housing at a low cost
  • You can make changes in design, as long as it does not affect the structural part of the design, you must take into account that this may have an additional cost to the value of the property
  • Your investment is growing along with the progress of the project.
  • It allows you to make different types of payments while the project is under construction


Like everything in life, buying a home under construction also has its disadvantages.

  • There may be delays in the delivery date,
  • That you do not receive what was scheduled at the beginning of the project, it may be of dimensions or design.

For this reason, we urge you to thoroughly analyze the contract with the construction company together with your real estate agent.

Acquiring a move-in ready home

This option is perfect if you need to occupy the property as soon as possible, since there is no waiting time so you can enjoy the facilities immediately or in a very short time, in case it requires some repairs or you have to wait for it to be disabled.

When buying one house ready to deliverIt is important that you verify the condition of the house, you should know how long it has been built, drainage condition, if the bathrooms are working properly, check the roof to rule out leaks, the water pipes and the gas, validate the demarcation It is always a good idea to request the infrastructure and electrical plans in case you want to remodel in the future.

We show you some of the advantages of buying a house ready to deliver

  • Immediate availability, offers you the facility and immediate availability if you need to move in as soon as possible.
  • Real time property status, you can see how the property looks in real time, what you see is what you get.

Now you have the freedom to choose the most convenient option, RE/MAX Atlantis offers innovative projects of houses and apartments in plans and for immediate delivery, we help you find the best option for your needs.


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