November 2022


Christmas Traditions in Dominican Republic

Don't miss it, today's blog is dedicated to the way Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Epiphany are celebrated in the Dominican Republic, not so different from European and American traditions. Starting October on October, a variety of typical Christmas songs such as "Volvió Juanita," "Una Juma," "Llegó la Navidad," and "El Pavo y el Burro. .", among others. Christmas Eve Traditionally, Christmas...

Buying a Home in The Dominican Republic

Buying a Home in The Dominican Republic

This article serves as an exemplary guide for tourists who are interested in real estate in the Dominican Republic, to: buy, invest, negotiate, and vacation with family. Content Description A view to Paradise DR tourist investment approach. Place and popularity Know your product, the location, and the management of areas. Contact Communication is in essence to know the steps to...

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