The top 2 ranked Supermarkets in Sosua

The top 2 ranked Supermarkets in Sosua

The city of Sosua has two top ranked supermarkets where you can find a variety of products from the Dominican Republic but also from overseas. 

1. Supermercado Playero

Supermercado Playero is situated on the main road of Sosua. It offers a huge selection of food from different nations. If you like to buy German sausage, bacon, smoked salmon and frozen fish, then you are in the right place. They offer different types of meat, cheeses, freshly baked German and French bread. You can find anything you are looking for here including beverages like beer, French wine, spirits, soft drinks and juices. 

2. Supermercado Super Pola

Super Pola in Sosua is situated nearby Avis and close to Pharmacy Carol. This supermarket offers a fantastic variety of products from overseas like from North America but also from the Dominican Republic. Enjoy the shopping of groceries and fresh products.

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