Christmas Traditions in Dominican Republic


Don’t miss it, today’s blog is dedicated to the way Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Epiphany are celebrated in the Dominican Republic, not so different from European and American traditions.

Starting October on October, a variety of typical Christmas songs such as “Volvió Juanita,” “Una Juma,” “Llegó la Navidad,” and “El Pavo y el Burro. .”, among others.

Christmas Eve

Traditionally, Christmas Eve is celebrated with family and friends. The specialties of this night include Telera (giant bread), Chicharrón Asado a la Puya, baked pork legs, Turkey, Chicken, Moro de guandules, and other delicacies on the table. Without sweet nuances such as candy, coquito, and various fruits. 

Like any country, Christmas songs and Aguinaldos have their part. Any excuse is good to get together with a group of friends and sing from house to house to the rhythm of Tambora and accordion.

Papa Noel and Angelito

It is also common to write the names of all participants on a piece of paper and assign each participant to exchange gifts. This is called “Papa Noel”. The difference with the European custom is that here each person has a little “Angelito” who secretly leaves a gift every day, every week, or on a designated day until the holiday when the identity of the little angel is revealed. 

After Christmas dinner, it is customary to attend the Midnight Mass, which celebrates the birth of the Christ Child on December 25 of each year.

The most awaited day of the year is undoubtedly December 31. It is a day for the whole family to get together to share, toast, celebrate and express new wishes and resolutions for the new year. It is the midnight cannon that announces the beginning of the new year.

Dia de Reyes Magos

The Three Wise Men also play an important role these days. The relatives and those who most enjoy this day are undoubtedly the little ones of the house, waiting for the gifts they bring.

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