How to Finance a Home in Dominican Republic


In the Dominican Republic, there are many facilities for financing a house, villa or apartment, we have banks with the best financing rate in the country, so acquiring your home in the Dominican Republic can be an excellent investment, and in case you do not have the total amount you still can put a down payment and finance the rest.

Home financing is nothing more than the mechanism that allows the acquisition
of a house or a housing complex from a pecuniary contribution (in cash) product of the implementation of savings mechanisms or from subsidies and/or credits.

What is a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is a contract through which a bank or financial entity lends a certain amount of money to a company or person for the acquisition of a home or property in exchange for certain interests and during a period established for it.

If you are ready to invest, the Dominican Republic is the most important destination in the Caribbean and not only because of the beautiful beaches or the excellent Caribbean climate but also because at Remax Atlantis, we offer the best financing conditions and the best rates on the market.

Requirements that are usually requested for a mortgage in Dominican Republic?

1- Passport, residence card, social security (social security) or driver’s license.
2- Copy of the last income tax, Certified by IRS.
3- Letter authorizing the BP to request credit references abroad. (Document
provided by us).
4- Payment for data review through an International Bureau.
5- Opening of an account in the currency of the disbursement in the name of the
applicant or his legal representative for the automatic collection of the loan
6- A reference letter and bank account

statements abroad are required if you are a foreigner residing in Europe.

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